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Im moving to Disneyland
I've made some friends online. But I dont have any real friends. And nothing matters in this place this world there are people who have it all made, they stretch their limbs to the limits and then boast their supremacies.
That's the motivation of your life to be a supreme domination of this silly world this...animal world.

People are that selfish that they toss aside everything in their faces that they love for something better when the people they care most about are the ones that are there for them....I have never had a friend that was truly there for me.

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It is sad, but there is hope yet for us loners. Life is ups and downs; don't get too caught with one or the other. When all else fails, change. That is my rule of thumb.

Hope the best for your pursuits.

Thankyou so much! I know it's kind of hard to make the right friends sometimes.

Hi. I saw in two completely unrelated communities that I also am a member of. (But are they really unrelated?) I was wondering if you'd like to accept my lj friendship. I've also read some of your journal. I'm shy and don't respond often to people's journals unless it really sparks something in me. I hope you don't take offense. I do read all my friend's journal entries.



Hey, I'd be happy to be your lj friend. I'm not that much of an active commenter either.

some people are like that - most in fact. There are geniune people around though... :)

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