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The Imaginary Man

    I am by default,
Silver--wearing my triple cross
And you are by default

Forget about me. I doomed you so violently.

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Self-absorbed? Check out Buddhism!

What you call "the experience of self" is in reality the experience of selflessness. We invent a "self" based on our certainty that there must be a permanent "I" behind all our experiences, because our language simply won't let us have an experience without something or someone to "experience it".

But this isn't truth in reality, only a trick and trap of language, and thanks to language, which shapes our entire cognitive matrix, this is a very convincing trap. It seems so "logical" to us that things must work this way. But it is language that works this way, and because of language, perception that tends to work this way, under the influence of karmic conditioning.

So, there is only really selflessness. What you experience everyday is, in essence, selflessness. You are just calling it something else, and binding yourself to destructive conclusions. There are only empty experiences, dependent experiences, experiences of selflessness. And even hanging on to notions of "I" or "me" or "my" or "self" is also the simple, spontaneous play of the selfless void. Let go; rapture flows.

Great quote (one of the greatest IMO):

"Leave everything as it is and rest your weary mind." -Dzogchen

Thanks. That has kind of cheered me up, in a sense that there's someone else intellectual out there. It reminds me of all those thoughts I used to have when I was a kid.

Imagine walking towards a door of the world and walk out... For years you search, looking, hoping, trying so hard... then one day you hear a chatter from the room you left and had forgot about so long ago ... . . So you turn around, and there it is, what you had all along that you left behind ... . . than is Zen ... that is Buddhism.

A moment, a second, a breath ... everything else is just made up stuff in your head.

So sit, and meditate... and maybe you'll catch a glimpse :D



I wish I had that capability. I have tried to grasp Zen and other relgions, even Christianity. It seems like it makes sense, then it doesn't.

Enlightenment seems to come, then it goes ... it's like that for everyone, I think, unless you're, well, an Enlightened Buddha. ^_^

wisdom = direct experience of the emptiness of it all

And it's wisdom that cuts through all the tough emotions and negativity in the world. When all is empty, the experience of hell itself and even fact that wisdom only sometimes shines through ... is enlightening.

Just keep in mind that it always leads back to this whole "self" thing. It's seems so comfortable to see things as "There is an I that experiences this or that"..... but really, our "self" is only a reflection of us cringing self-righteously in our comfortable, dark corners facing away from the light. The moment we just .. let go... it's like, ... wow! The world is quite nice when one is not so self-conscious! ^_^ And of course, being self-conscious requires so much ENERGY... so much energy being WASTED...for only suffering!! ....... not suffering is effortless; there's no enlightenments to "obtain", no "capabilities" to be had... only things to let go of. The Buddha never said he'd gained anything from meditating, but he did give a lengthy list of things he'd lost ;)

The way I see it, we are already selfless, we have already gotten rid of our self-consciousness -- but we jsut get so caught up in worldly things and ideas of who we are (and thus what makes us comfortable and uncomfortable) that we simply forget to just breathe.... that's why regular meditation is the perfect method of finding wisdom ... but a buddhist community and/or a wise teacher is important, and I have personal experience to back this up.

I don't mean to baffle you with the zen stuff. And I really don't care if you become a Christian or a Buddhist or whatever. It's just you seem like a kind person, mind_eclipse ... and if you find you are suffering, well you ought to do something about it ... cuz you deserve this life, and every bit of happiness in the entire universe!!! for every moment for the rest of your life.

I believe our ability to motivate ourselves and others is the most important aspect of humanity ...

Also, it's just generally important to surround yourself with good things and good people ... it took me a long time to see just how necessary that was. Being in a healthy state of mind truly goes a long way in how you experience things, especially the negative stuff we gotta deal with.

I talk too much, please forgive :)


There is a lot of depth to it to understand. I think I can get what you are writing about. I have noticed that a lot of people lately are trying to point me in the right direction, and I appreciate it. I think though, that wisdom also comes from understanding your personality, your emotions, experiences, and not necessarily is it all empty. But I get really tired easily and so I am just hard at grasping everything.

I have thought that meditation needs certain elements. Because I can easily empty my mind, not think of much, and sit and let things go...but when I feel truly like I am meditating, I am outside with nature...and just in an environment that feels right to me. Somewhere surrounded by people who are virtuous, and accepting of the life that is around them.

I have been raised a Catholic, but have studied different religions. Buddhism, Taosim, Zen, Witchcraft and Paganism, Shamanism, other things. I find the really fluffy ones aren't my type. Like all about "Magick" or Crowley is not my taste at all. But I like the Gaia religion and Earth God and Goddess.

I have also been reading a lot of Reincarnation. I have a book "Mystery of Reincarnation" and it's pretty fascinating.
Have you read, "The Red Book"? It's a a really cute book about praying and "igniting your divine spark" by Sera Beak.

Thanks for writing to me, and I have been going through a lot of pain and suffering...I have just started trying to treat depression. I have noticed that the depression just hasn't gone away no matter what I do...and overall just feeling down.
So I have been doing much better and feel I have a clear mind again.

So I ramble, lol, I liked feeling like someone does care.



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