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Recent Dream
Last night---had loooong long vivid dreams, exploring a giant building, with endless rooms and endless halls leading to more rooms, out through secret trap doors into stairways. I was with a young girl/ also a student perhaps? She and I went exploring! There was something metaphorical about it
I had escaped from this crazy lunatic doctor who was trying to give me an operation, he stuck a long needle in my heart.

I found her, not sure where, so the young girl and I escaped down this stairway that led to a room- a special room because it was filled with paintings, large murals
that were stacked away.

They were paintings my mother had painted- of us growing up.
One was the life of my brother, of me, of my dad, of friends, relatives, strangers- paintings upon paintings of these people; she had painted their lives!

That was my dream. I'm feeling pretty tired tired I can't seem to write anything else about what has been going on in my life. I want to move to Costa Rica.

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You seem interesting and it looks like we write about some similar topics... Mind if I add you as a friend?

I don;t mind, but i have a new account. Sun5ine. I's more professional and not completely random gibberish, ya know?
I would be happy to be your friend, I am learning to network more so I am being careful of who I add on my new account. Thanks.

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