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The Pagan Path
The Pagan Path
~~~ ~~~ ~~~

Today I have woken, and as I rise from my bed
Clear the sleepiness from my head,
I walk outside where the shadows sing of death
And er the morning, early beings reside beneath
To walk the pagan path is to sing a dark song
To dance the pagan dance is sweeter then any one
Her beautiful face is not haunting to me
But light brings me peace, her enchanted springs--poetry
Though the demons and darkness remind me of the past
Pan takes me far into his home at last
The Lady of the Forest speaks through the bird's songs
We are creatures, we were not just humans-- that's wrong
Waiting for worlds between worlds we sleep
For the full moon is yellow and is calling me to the deep
The palace of Jesters, to the kingdom of peace
In the world we have forgotten, the old ways of the trees
of our ancestors who remember how we came to be


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